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Bentonite Sulphur

Bentonite Sulphur is straight Sulphatic fertilizer containing Sulphur and Bentonite clay. The Sulphur present is 90% in these fertilizers and is the highest among other category of Sulphated fertilizers. This makes Bentonite Sulphur more effective in terms of supplying Sulphur to Crops.

In fertilizers, besides N, P, K nutrients, Sulphur is the 4th major plant nutrient. Sulphur is an essential component in the synthesis of amino acids required to manufacture Proteins. Sulphur is also required for production of chlorophyll and utilization of phosphorus and other essential nutrients.

Advantages of using Bentonite Sulphur (BS) for different crops

  • Increases soil acidity or lower soil pH for alkaline soils
  • Increases nitrogen utilization, phosphate and micronutrient uptake
  • Resist leaching until converted to sulphate form
  • Growth rate of roots improves ensuring that, the plant extracts maximum amount of nutrients from the soil
  • Increases Oil content of groundnuts  and other oil seeds, improves quality and quantity of pulses.

Production of Bentonite Sulphur at NFL

In Dec 2017, 25000 MTPA Bentonite Sulphur Plant was commissioned at NFL Panipat Unit. The manufactured product meets the FCO specifications as follows:

Sulphur % 
90%, by weight (min)
Bentonite Clay%,)
10% by weight (max
Moisture % 
0.5% by weight, (max)
Particle size                                     
> 90 per cent of the material shall pass through 4.0 mm IS sieve and be retained on 1 mm IS sieve and < 5% shall be below 1 mm IS sieve. 
Dark Yellowish Green

NFL packages the product in the packs of 1Kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg bags.